Rogers Mounties impress with win; Eyes on Fayetteville in 7A-West conference battle

September 27, 2023 00:36:22
Rogers Mounties impress with win; Eyes on Fayetteville in 7A-West conference battle
Prep Rally
Rogers Mounties impress with win; Eyes on Fayetteville in 7A-West conference battle

Sep 27 2023 | 00:36:22


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Graham Thomas

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How about those Rogers Mounties? Rogers with a huge win at Fort Smith Southside to open 7A west conference play.
Can the Mounties do it again this week at Fayetteville in another conference showdown of undefeated teams?
Graham Thomas, Rick Fires and Leland Barclay recap this and all the big games from the start of 7A-West Conference play. Leland has the scoop from the Rogers-Fort Smith Southside game, which ended in a 44-38 Mounties win.
The guys then take a look ahead to this week’s biggest matchups, including another showdown for Rogers, who travels to Fayetteville.
We discuss this and much, much more on this week's Prep Rally.
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[00:00:00] Speaker A: How about those? Rogers. Mounties Rogers with a huge win at Fort Smith. Southside to open seven. A west conference play. Can the Mounties do it again this week at Fayetteville in another conference showdown of undefeated teams? We discuss this and much, much more on this week's Prep Rally. [00:00:17] Speaker B: You're listening to the Prep Rally Podcast. Now here's your host, Graham Thomas. [00:00:24] Speaker A: You. Welcome to the Prep Rally Podcast, sponsored by West Termite Pest and Lawn. I'm Graham Thomas. He's rick fires. We're with the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Leland Barclay joins us in the River Valley. And we're moving into the second week of seven, a West Conference play. Guys, it was a fun week last week. Let's jump right into it. Leland, you were down at Jim Rowland Stadium for Fort Smith Southside and Rogers, two undefeated teams opening up conference play. And Leland, the floor is yours, sir. [00:00:58] Speaker C: Not a lot of times do games that are hyped up so much live up to the hype and the expectations. Rogers 44 to 38 win over South Side on Friday night certainly lived up to all of them. Rogers never trailed in the game, and they led ten to nothing, 17 to seven in the first half and 17 to ten at the half. They went up 24 to ten early in the second quarter, took the first possession of the third quarter and scored. Go up 24 to ten. Southside comes back and ties the game at 24 24. Rogers scores on two straight possessions to start off the fourth quarter to go up 38 to 24. Southside comes back and ties it at 38 38. With just a little over a minute to go. The place is just rocking on both sides. And then first play, the kickoff, southside's kickoff went out of bounds, so Rogers took over at their own 35. And Dane Williams, Rogers senior quarterback, hit Jeff Regan on a little screen pass to the left side, and he went down the sideline 65 yards for a touchdown. And then Rogers defense held South Side on downs on four straight incomplete passes, and I guess you could say escaped with a 44 to 38 win in the conference opener for both teams. [00:02:24] Speaker A: Man, that's awesome. Really sounds like a couple of gutsy rallies by South Side. And for Rogers to kind of absorb the blows and then still have enough in the tank to go score again says a lot about the just just following it from afar. You're just looking at that game like, wow, what a great ball game. [00:02:45] Speaker D: Rick, let me say this. I like to walk the sidelines. I'm not good about keeping stats and tweeting all that, but I love to see the energy. Man, these kids are having so much fun playing these games. As opposed to 2030 years ago when you basically played in a phone booth, you did a pitch, you did a slant in. And when I was talking to Chad Harbison about dane, who is our player of the week, keep this. He threw to seven different receivers and five of them scored touchdowns. And that's getting everybody involved and the game right now, of course, I'd like to see some defense, especially in some teams scoring in the 70s in the NFL, we saw that. But man, these kids are having so much fun playing these games. It's fun for us, it's fun for the fans. So high school football to me right now is kind of ed, is zenith. [00:03:40] Speaker A: Hey, how about that Jeff Regan kid, too? In talking with Coach Harbison early in the year, he kind of confided me like he's going to be a pretty good one. He's just a sophomore. Sophomore, yeah. He's about five foot, 8150, 60 pounds. He's not real big, but when Dane Williams went out of the ball game at Farmington the other week, jeff Regan went in and played quarterback and he's a pretty good athlete. Wow. And at the time, Chad was like, I don't want to say a whole lot about him, but he's going to be really good. Kind of the thought was he was trying to keep him a little bit of secret, but everybody knows about him. [00:04:14] Speaker D: Everybody knows about him. [00:04:15] Speaker C: Now, he had ten catches for 244 yards and of course the two touchdowns on Friday night, I went back and looked and the 244 receiving yards is second for single game in school history. And of course, Dane Williams was 26 of 44 for 480 yards passing, which is a school record for six touchdowns. And the ironic thing about it is I thought going into the game, if Rogers had an advantage, it was because they could do both with Jacob Jenkins, who I think tied a school record last year in a game with a rushing performance. So I thought the advantage might go to Rogers because they could do both really well running the ball with Jenkins. And of course, Isaac Chapman is also he's a different dynamic at running back, but he's a big part of their offense, too, running the ball and then as well with Dane Williams being able to throw it. Well, Jenkins and Chapman combined for 35 yards on 15 carries and both of them left the game with injuries and I think they'll be back this week. So really the entire Rogers offense was kind of put on Dane Williams shoulders. And so many times when a team gets ahead, they kind of relax a little bit. Well, they just kept calling on him and kept calling on him. And he had a huge second half, but 26 carries for 26 completions, 44 attempts. But his biggest play, the biggest play he made of the game may have been with his feet. Rogers took the second half kickoff and drove to Southside's 24 yard line and had third and six. Rogers decided to go for it. He did a bootleg, gained 17 yards to the seven and then threw a touchdown pass on the next play. So that fourth down conversion on the opening series of the second half, that puts us Rogers up 24 to ten, was just a huge play and probably one that probably only a senior quarterback would be able to make. And of course, that was in addition to 480 yards passing and six touchdowns. Just a great performance by Rogers offense. [00:06:41] Speaker A: Well, let's hear a little bit about the South Side guys. They showed some guts in coming back and they had some big numbers as well. What can you tell us about what. [00:06:50] Speaker C: The you know, they kind of abandoned the run a little bit in the second half when they got behind, but they were able to do that because even though they're a run oriented team and that's what they've done mostly this year, carter Zimmerman is a very capable passing quarterback as well. He's a super athlete. He starts on the baseball team so he can throw the ball too. He ended up throwing for 270 yards and two touchdowns. Amari Tucker, 16 carries for 141 yards and a touchdown. Grayson York, seven catches for 101 yards. He had that big catch late in the game that got Roger Or got Southside down to the 1 YD line and then Zimmerman carried it in on the next play to tie it at 38 38. So, yeah, it was definitely a back and forth game. The teams combined for 997 yards of offense, 147 offensive plays in the game, 45 1st downs. I could just go on and on about the game, but we had talked about how even though we knew it was going to be an offensive game between two very good offenses, that the defenses would make some stops too. There was a point in the game where both defenses made two consecutive defensive stops. So there was a point there were four consecutive defensive stops, two by each defense at some point. [00:08:23] Speaker A: Well, it was funny when I was following the score at the game I was at, and I saw at one point it was 17 to ten at halftime, I was like, Whoa, it's kind of a defensive struggle a little bit. Then I get the final result. I'm like, well, the offenses kind of did take over when it was all said and done. We'll talk more about what both those two teams are facing this week here. In a little bit, we're going to move on to another game. Fayetteville Bentonville West. Henry Apple was at that game and I think all of us kind of thought Fayetteville might have the advantage there with their offense and Drake Lindsay and his receivers and those guys. Fayetteville rolls to a big win over Bentonville West. Jason Delamar with a huge night receiving. Wise five touchdown catches. Rick, you were kind of looking at that one in more depth earlier this week. [00:09:20] Speaker D: Yeah, he's a good athlete. He played some football last year, and he's a great baseball player. And every year it seems like, oh, man, Fable just lost this guy to the Razorback. Fable lost that guy who's going to step up and take their place. And here you come. Delamar, who's a junior, I think, and he could have been easily he could have been our considered him for player of the week, but, man, you had to go with Dane Williams in the biggest game of the night. But, man, I really look forward to seeing Fayetteville as they go on. I know they got a big game against Rogers. [00:09:57] Speaker A: Yeah. Drake Lindsay had a big night as well, and Fayetteville rolled. Bentonville snapped their two game losing streak with a 73 to 39 win against harbor. That one had some wild plays going on in it as well. Harbor did something I don't know if I've ever seen before. So Bentonville had fourth down and one, I believe, on like their own 37 yard line. I don't have it right here in front of me. It was a fourth and short and they were trying to kind of put the game away. They're up 30 514, and there was a botched play basically on fourth and one, and Carter and I ended up getting sacked for about a six yard loss. Harbor takes over and scores on the next play and then gets an onside kick and then scores again. Wow. In a matter of 8 seconds, they scored 13 points and all of a sudden we got a ball game at 35 27. Bentonville comes out the second. Well, actually, Bentonville went and kicked a field goal to get a little momentum back and go up eleven and half and then rolled the Wildcats in their third quarter, scoring 28 straight points. And it kind of got away from harbor at that point. But my takeaways from that one were basically harbor could score some points. They've got an offense, they've got some work to do on defense to be able to you just don't give up. 73 a lot of times been their. [00:11:27] Speaker D: Issues last couple of years. [00:11:29] Speaker A: Bentonville kind of they got rolling and it got better a little bit. And they'll host South Side this week in a game that we'll talk about here in a little bit. Springdale High gets a 28 20 win over Rogers Heritage. And any seven, a West Conference game is a big win. The Bulldogs did it on the road at David Gates Stadium in Rogers. Rick, I know you talked to the Springdale folks after that one, didn't yeah. [00:11:57] Speaker D: And here's the important thing is people oh, they both have losing records. What's a big deal. No, when two teams are left out of the playoffs, that's a huge win for Springdale. So they get the leg up on Heritage. Now, Heritage, they got a big fight ahead of them to trying to get in the playoffs, but there was a good win for springdale, the quarterback pounders, right? Pounders, yeah. Three touchdowns. They're still running the ball. It was pretty close game, 28 20. Just a really nice win for them. And now Springdale be back at home on Friday and got a chance to go two and o and conference. [00:12:38] Speaker A: Yes, rick, you were at the game. We're going to move into the Five A West. Here you were at Pea Ridge and at Prairie Grove. And to everybody well, to my surprise, but certainly not to the Blackhawks surprise, p Ridge, the big win at Prairie. [00:12:54] Speaker D: Grove, that's stunning to me. Again, I think I've said it three or four times. I saw P Ridge in a preseason scrimmage against Elkins, and I know how good Elkins is. And P Ridge didn't look good at all. But Bray Cook and his staff went back to work, and they're undefeated. And they start off and to go to Prairie Grove. Prairie Grove with Danny Hapshire. They've been one of the most solid programs the last 30 years in high school football. But P Ridge took it to him and just didn't let up on them. Seth Foster, 200 yards rushing, but quarterback did a good job. And they forced four turnovers by Prairie Grove. So going over there and win at Prairie Grove, if there was a surprise team right now, to me, it's the P. Rich Blackhawks. They've already got four wins. They had three wins last year. [00:13:48] Speaker A: Yeah. Another good game in the five a west. Was farmington rallying late to beat Harrison. There was a big interception there late. There were a couple of big touchdown passes by Aidan Lester. Late again. The Five A west. Just like the seven A West. It's a tough league. [00:14:09] Speaker D: Love that conference. [00:14:10] Speaker A: Yeah, it's tough. [00:14:11] Speaker D: One of my favorites. [00:14:12] Speaker A: And there'll be some more big games in that conference this week, too. We're going to move it down into the or move it over to the Six A West. We're going to talk briefly about this one. Do you guys see what little rock Christian did to Pulaski Academy? You talk about years and years of payback. That was it. [00:14:29] Speaker C: Absolutely. I think it was the first mercy rule lost by PA since 2008. [00:14:38] Speaker A: Man. [00:14:42] Speaker C: I think that just shows how good little rock Christian is. Walker White, I think, threw three touchdown passes and ran for two. [00:14:50] Speaker D: I guarantee I saw Auburn play on Saturday. They could use Walker White right now. They got quarterback issues. [00:14:56] Speaker A: Well, not only does it say how good Little Rock Christian is, I think it also gives an idea of how good Shiloh Christian is when they're healthy, because they went down and manhandled, Little Rock Christian at Little Rock Christian. So what this means for the Six A West, our boy Tim Terry down in Greenwood, he's already looking at that Greenwood Little Rock Christian matchup, I think in week ten. He's excited, but I don't think PA is done yet. We'll see how they bounce back. It's not every day, like you say, they get mercy ruled. So Greenwood, they get a big win at Van Buren. Pretty typical. They scored a lot of points. Defense seems like they played well. So again, we just move right along here in that Six A West Conference. But everything is kind of pointing to that little rock christian Greenwood showdown. Leland yeah. [00:15:52] Speaker C: I need to find out what the seating capacity is at Greenwood because that's going to be a week ten game. So the build up now, Greenwood still has to go to Palacia Academy. And like you said, I don't think the Bruins are ready to just roll over and play dead at this point. So that's going to be a big game. But once Greenwood gets past that one, which is week eight, I think, yeah, it'll be let the hype begin. [00:16:25] Speaker A: Yes. So that kind of moves us into this week's games. And so there's a few we're going to talk about and we'll start once again in the Seven A West. And like we said in the opening, can Rogers go on the road and win another big Seven A West Conference game in a battle of unbeaten teams? Now, I don't want to say it's a tougher matchup this week, more of a different matchup. Playing at Fayetteville is a different animal, I think, than playing what Southside does. And playing at Fayetteville is just a little bit different. What you have here too, is you have a long rivalry with Rogers and Fayetteville. Rogers beat Fayetteville last year for the first time since 2006. They beat Fayetteville twice in 2006. If my memory is correct, on their way to the state championship game, had not beaten them at all since then until last year when they won. [00:17:24] Speaker D: Now I covered that game last year. And Fable, this is going to be a key for Fable. As much as we love enjoy watching Drake Lindsay throw it all over the field, fable could have won that game last year had they had a competent running game. It was like late in the game, maybe four minutes ago in the game and everything, and Fable had the ball. If they'd picked up two first downs, they could have milked the clock, but they couldn't do it. And then Rogers got the ball back and won it. So the running game know, hopefully Jenkins is back and Chapman is back. They got their full arsenal. And Fables really, really going to have to run the ball at some point against Rogers. [00:18:10] Speaker A: Yeah, it probably will in a battle of two teams who can really throw the ball. Well, it might just come down to running game and special. Yeah. Leland, I don't know. What are your thoughts on the Mounties at the Purple Dogs? [00:18:23] Speaker C: Well, I tell know Friday night when Southside tied it and I looked to see how much time was left because I had watched the Rogers kicker and even though he didn't miss the final extra point, I was watching him warm up and then watching him kick extra points. And JT. Miller has a leg. I thought, there's plenty of time for Rogers. So they have a very good kicker, and I know Fayetteville does, too, but I don't know who's covering that game Friday night. [00:18:51] Speaker A: I will be there. [00:18:53] Speaker C: Well, like I said, Dane Williams threw 44 passes for 480 yards and six touchdowns on Friday. Drake Lindsay threw 39 passes and threw for 413 yards and six touchdowns on Friday night. [00:19:09] Speaker D: Your deadline 930. [00:19:11] Speaker C: I was going to say you might want to check the deadline and just prepare them that you may not meet it Friday night. [00:19:22] Speaker A: I'll have to get on the horn with our desk and let them know I might be a little bit late. Another game we're going to be covering this week will be Southside at, you know, Southside. It's going to be interesting to see how the Mavericks respond with a little bit of adversity. It's not something they've had to face yet this year. And they're playing a good Bentonville team. [00:19:42] Speaker C: Well, a very good Bentonville team still, I think the favorite to win the conference just because of everything, 73 to 39, just an unbelievable offensive performance. But they also another kickoff return by CJ. Brown on Friday night, and then they got an interception return for a touchdown. So it'll be a big test for Southside. And coaches always say, because that was such an emotional game for the Mavericks on Friday night, they always say, don't let that be two losses. So they've got to put that one behind them and play. First they've got Bentonville, and then after that they got Fayetteville. So this is just a brutal three game stretch. And like Coach Damron said, that they're going to find out a lot about themselves during these three weeks. [00:20:33] Speaker A: That is true. The other two games in the seven day West Conference, bentonville west will try to bounce back against Springdale, where we just had a big win at Heritage and then Springdale Harbor at Rogers Heritage. Those are two. Harbor is still looking for its first win. Heritage is one and three. Neither of know, or they're both Owen, one in conference play. And one of these other four teams in these two games that we just mentioned here, west, harbor. And, you know, I think we kind know unofficially kind of rank those as the teams that are in the bottom four right now, of way we see it playing out in the conference. So these are very important games. Rick. [00:21:20] Speaker D: Yeah. Last few years, I always thought there's a big gap between the top four and the bottom four and the seven A West. And for these teams right here, we're focusing on the favorable games for these kids right here. And these coaches, they want these teams to get in the playoff, these early games right here. Are huge. So you can get a leg up on a competition and what's it going to take two or three wins in conference and get in the playoffs. So that is very important game. It won't make the headline, but we still need to check those scores out and those results because that'll go a long way to seeding at the end of the year. [00:21:59] Speaker A: So, Leland, you're going to be at Fort Smith Northside this week. They're going to welcome Little Rock Central, and we'll see if the Grizzly Bears can kind of get the ship right a little bit. Another good game down the River Valley this week should be Greenbriar at Greenwood. Greenbriar has been very surprising so far. [00:22:18] Speaker C: Yeah, Randy Tribble does such a great job down there. This is their final year in class Six A. They'll move back to probably the Five A West next year, but they play two quarterbacks and they put up big points, too. So we'll see if the Greenwood defense can stop another high powered offense this week. [00:22:44] Speaker A: Another good game that, you know, has all the makings of a brawl is Farmington and Alma. I could just see three yards and a cloud of dust between those two teams, but that's a huge game in the Five A West. Both of them are one and O and looking to make some noise down there in that conference. [00:23:06] Speaker C: I always love looking at different conferences and see the four A seven is one of those that's always worth keeping an eye on with Arcadelphia and Nashville and Malvern. And the three A one is another one here in the River Valley that we love looking at, and it's got Greenland and West Fork from up there. Barryville west Fork. So that's another conference that's great to look at. But to me this year, the Five A West is the one that is going to be just wild and big games every week. I went down and talked to Coach Rusty Bush at Alma yesterday and got some comments from him about that game coming up on Friday night, and he has already it's just now the end of September, but he has already pulled out the words playoff implications already. So that tells you what a big game it is. And it's odd because there's three of those teams that can move to two and O in the conference this week. Farmington and Alma is two teams that won last week, so only one of them is going to turn to two and O in that conference in Five A, which is the purest playoff bracket. Of all the classifications, only four of eight teams go right. And that's why he's able to already pull out the phrase playoff implication. [00:24:39] Speaker A: Here's another one in that conference I'm looking at, hey, how about a bounce back? Prairie Grove on the road at Harrison? That's not an easy place to play, but I guarantee you Prairie Grove is getting after it this week. I know they didn't play well against P Ridge, but they'll have something ready for Harrison. [00:24:58] Speaker D: During my younger days, I used to gamble a little bit, just a Dr pepper or a root beer or something. And I always enjoyed a good team that gets manhandled gets embarrassed. They will inevitably bounce back the next week. I could always count on that. A good team that really gets like PA. Watch PA. I don't even know who they're playing this week, but watch them bounce back. And I expect Prairie Grove, too. They got to tweak some things and get back in sync on offense. But, yeah, I really expect Prairie Grove to have a good game. [00:25:33] Speaker A: Well, I'm not saying they're going to go over to Harrison and win. I'm just saying watch out. [00:25:37] Speaker D: Yeah, that's what I'm saying. I'm with you. [00:25:38] Speaker A: How about the four A one? It looks like a lot of these games might end up being some blowout games, just on paper. But I'm looking at this gravitate Lincoln game and thinking that's a pretty big game, really, for Lincoln more than anything. Lincoln's wanting to really make some noise in that conference. This is the game they need to. [00:25:59] Speaker D: But, you know, gravitates, no pushover, no gravitas. Go, they're really coming on. And as far as small schools, that's one of the better games in our area, I'm sure of it. [00:26:12] Speaker C: Well, and, you know, Lincoln's got that got a veteran quarterback, a senior, Drew Moore, who has put up monster numbers. I think he's getting close to 6000 career passing yards. So having a senior quarterback, and that's what P Ridge has, is a veteran senior quarterback. And boy, the value of having one of those type guys is big, especially in high school. [00:26:35] Speaker D: High school having a senior quarterback. [00:26:38] Speaker A: Leland, was there anything out of the three a one that you were looking at this week that was kind of catching your eye? [00:26:43] Speaker C: Looks like, oh, that's four of my five that we'll go over later. [00:26:48] Speaker A: Okay. All right, well, we are going to take a break, and when we come back, we will go over our top five of the week. And you are watching Prep rally. [00:26:58] Speaker B: If you're enjoying this podcast, consider a newspaper subscription to the northwest Arkansas democrat gazette or the river valley democrat gazette. We have a special offer for our podcast listeners, so visit podcast 23 to get started. You can also click the subscribe button on our websites, and, or call us at 479-684-5509 and be sure to say that you're a podcast listener. Now back to the show. [00:27:34] Speaker A: Welcome back to the Prep Rally Podcast, sponsored by West Termite Pest and Lawn. Graham Thomas here with Rick Fires and Leland Barclay in the River Valley. And gentlemen, we're going to get into our top five of the week. Rick Fires, you're up first, sir. [00:27:48] Speaker C: All right. [00:27:48] Speaker D: Everybody knows the big game. Was that down at Southside? I'm going to leave that to Leland. He was there. He knows all about it. I'm going fable just keeps rolling long. They won 56 21 over at Wet. Jason Delham our huge game. Nine reset 205 touchdown. Drake Lindsay passed about 406 touchdowns. Again, their passing offense is just tremendous. Bentonville, which lost his first two games at home, they got back on track in a big way. 73 over spring to Harvard. Carter and I What a balanced offense. 200 yards passing. Jason Gilmore loved watching that little guy run. 132 yards, three touchdowns, only seven carries. Let's jump down to the Central. It started. Conference play started about expected down there. Conway 56 to nothing over Little Rock southwest. They led 35 to nothing after one quarter. So they just breezed. Bryant 48 to seven over North Side, which kind of continues to struggle and hopefully they can bounce back, get a win against Central back up here. Springdale Bulldog. Talk about bounce back. They got a 28 20 win over Heritage, huge win for them. They're one and only conference and this game, they're going to think about this game when it comes down the stretch and everybody's trying to get at the lower end of the state playoff. They were the great win for the Bulldogs. It's not going to make screaming headlines, but they were the huge win for them. Quarterback Jack Pounder, they're running the football really well. He had three rushing touchdown. Got to talk about tennis. Six. A West Conference tennis tournament at harbor. First round action Wednesday, the final rounds on Thursday. I have the pleasure of being there. Then the state tournaments at Heritage, October 9, I think a week or two after that. Favor boys defending state champion Bentonville. Girls defending state champion. But I covered the tennis meet the other day and Rogers beat Bentonville five four in a dual meet. So that's going to be interesting to watch right there. [00:30:01] Speaker A: All right, man, it just kind of speaks. There's a lot going on this week. We're going to get into some more of that. So six A and below. How about this? How about sophomore Talon Williams at Gentry, 403 passing yards. Pioneers with 576 yards of offense and a big win. Four A, one conference win over Huntsville. That's number one for me. I'm going to add into that with the Gentry offense. How about Addie Taylor? Man, being a team player, he has moved from quarterback. He does a little running back, little receiver, little bit everything. The running back Kaden Coons and wide receiver Dylan Owens, they have big offensive nights and you got to credit that Gentry offensive line, they're big and they are doing good things over there on offense for sure. I'm looking at number two. I'm looking at the Lincoln Wolves with a big game against Gravit this week. They're four and got them. Jumped out to a big lead against a Green Forest team that won two straight games. And so that's a big win for Lincoln. The Farmington Cardinals, man, the cardiac kids, they've had some adversity and they're starting to fight through it with rallying for a five A West win against Harrison. You got a lot of heroes in that game. Dawson Keaton caught the game winning touchdown pass from Aidan Lester. Aiken Johnson had a big touchdown catch. Morgan Schrader had a big interception. Cardinals figuring out late p ridge blackhawks. We've spent half the show talking about P Ridge, but Bray Cook has done a great job with that team. You knew he was going to bray Cook's played big time football before. He knows what it takes. And how about Seth Foster? 200 yards, four touchdowns. That's just really impressive. [00:31:54] Speaker D: I love watching him run. He's a little guy and he twists and turns. He's not like a speed guy that runs over everybody. But you look and say you think he's going to be a six yard run and a 26. [00:32:06] Speaker A: And then finally, I'm going to a little note about the Stave golf tournament starting today all over the state. But here in northwest Arkansas, we've got the class six A girls over at Springdale Country Club. And as soon as we get done here, I'm heading out there. So Leland, what you got? [00:32:25] Speaker C: Well, I'm going to kind of group four of these together because it's all in the three A One. But Charleston, Booneville, Mansfield, and Lavaca all won their three A one conference openers on Friday night by combined 184 to 31. Wow. Now, I know it's just the first week of the season, but it certainly looks like those four are certainly the cream of the crop right now. Charleston won 51 to nine over Greenland, which was really they started off owing three in non conference play, so I think they were very glad to get back into conference play. And they scored four touchdowns and added a safety in the first quarter for a 30 to nothing lead. Booneville defeated Hackett 46 to 14 and racked up 422 yards on the ground. Plus, they got a defensive score for a touchdown. Bansfield defeated west for 38 to eight on Friday night. Daniel Burton ran for 182 yards and three touchdowns, including a 67 yard touchdown run that capped a 27 to nothing first quarter lead. So another big first quarter for one of the three A One teams. And then Lavaca won 49 to nothing over Cedarville. So all four of those teams, very impressive. [00:33:57] Speaker A: There's some showdowns coming there. There's some showdowns coming there in that conference. [00:34:03] Speaker C: Absolutely. And I'm not going to ride off Greenland, Hackett, West Fork, or Cedarville yet. It's way too early because you got to think that one of those teams maybe Hackett, because they're very good offensively. They have a senior quarterback, Cole, catch them, and one of the best receivers in the area, Bryson Hamilton, who's a junior. So maybe they'll be the one that kind of maybe upsets the AP card a little bit. Number five is Ozark going back to that four a one? And we've talked about Elkins and Ozark all year, but you're right, Gentry may be one of those teams that kind of creeps into that mix, too. Into that conversation. Ozark beat Barryville 50 to 14 Friday night. Ozark led 50 to nothing at the half. Gavin Gilbrorth has been taking on an extra kind of an added role on the offense, and he ran for three touchdowns on Friday night. But he's the ringleader of their defense and has been for two years. He had five tackles, a sack, a safety, and forced a fumble on Friday night. [00:35:11] Speaker A: Wow, that's a good day at the office. Yeah. All right, well, folks, that wraps us up for this week with the Prep Rally Podcast. You can listen to Prep [email protected] or watch it on YouTube, and you can get the podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks again to our sponsor, West Termite, Pest and Lawn. And be sure and check out Prep Rally live later this week, where Rick Fires and I will surely give the wrong picks to whatever games we're picking, because that seems to be what we're doing here. And, guys, it's fun. We're really playing for keeps now. And so these games are getting more and more important as we go as the weather gets cooler and the leaves start turning. So it's fall in northwest Arkansas in the River Valley. For Rick Fires and Leland Barclay, I'm Graham Thomas. Thank you for watching Prep Rally. [00:36:12] Speaker B: The proceeding has been a production of Prep Rally podcast. Find us on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and more. And be sure to follow our hosts on social.

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